6th National NRM Knowledge Conference 2016
6th National NRM Knowledge Conference
6th-8th June 2016, Novotel Pacific Bay Resort, Coffs Harbour, NSW
The theme for this year's conference is "People, Planet and Profits"

Welcome from Chair

Bruce Brown Welcome to the 6th National Natural Resource Management (NRM) Knowledge Conference and to the beautiful North Coast of New South Wales. The North Coast region is the third most biodiverse region in Australia that also supports a progressive, diverse and engaged community and agricultural industry.

North Coast Local Land Services is pleased to host the 2016 national NRM Knowledge Conference and recognize the enormous value of these conferences to all regional NRM organisations across Australia. They provide an opportunity to share our experiences, build national networks and challenge our thinking on how we manage our natural resources.

These Conferences are made possible by the support of the Australian Government, and on behalf of the Organising Committee I would like to thank the Australian Government for its support for the 2016 conference.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the North Coast and showing you some of our innovative projects that are taking a People, Planet and Profits approach. We have a team with experience and expertise who are genuinely committed to providing services tailored to the needs of our local agricultural industries, the communities in which they operate and the natural systems on which we all depend.

We hope to inspire you to adopt a People, Planet and Profits approach and generate innovative outcomes in your future projects.

Bruce Brown
Chair of the 6th National NRM Knowledge Organising Committee and General Manager

The Conference

The National NRM Knowledge Conference has been held biennially for the past 5 years. This will be the 6th National NRM Knowledge Conference and it is being held in Coffs Harbour, on the beautiful North Coast of NSW.

The theme for this year's conference is People, Planet and Profits.

The concept of People, Planet and Profits is a more in-depth approach to sustainability:

The Conference theme "People, Planet and Profits" represents the 'three pillars' of a triple bottom line approach to regional NRM. Through a series of innovative speakers and presentations, the following questions and more will be explored:

This Conference will bring together over 300 regional NRM practitioners from regional NRM organisations, Australian and State/Territory agencies and non-government organisations, to share knowledge and experiences in Natural Resource Management.

About North Coast Local Services

Local Land Services North Coast


Local Land Services was established to provide quality customer-focused services to landholders and the community across NSW.  We work with land managers and the community to improve primary production within healthy landscapes and seascapes and assist rural and regional communities to be profitable and sustainable into the future.

Local Land Services represents a change in government service provision to land managers in agricultural advisory services, biosecurity, emergency management and natural resource management. 

Local Land Services is a bold, innovative and integrated way of delivering value to our customers, stakeholders and investors.

The North Coast region is unquestionably the most agriculturally and environmentally diverse in the state. North Coast Local Land Services is presented with the challenge of delivering quality services to a broad audience in an effective and efficient manner.

Our response to this challenge has been to develop an integrated approach to service delivery. We seek to partner with public and private organisations to achieve our goals - a collaborative approach that best serves the needs of the Region. Local Land Services ratepayers and our state and federal government investors expect and deserve outcomes that demonstrate 'value for money' across a range of triple bottom line outcomes.

North Coast Local Land Services staff come from a range of backgrounds and training and can work across a range of topic areas.  They live and work in the local area so are familiar with local landscapes, seascapes and natural resources of the North Coast region.

The team at North Coast Local Land Services is committed to a triple bottom line approach to our work – we strive for a balance in social, economic and environmental outcomes in everything we do.  Those principles are demonstrated in our day to day operations